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What Differentiates Us


Individual Learning

Children attending Montessori settings are allowed to explore activities and concepts at their own pace. This process naturally encourages children to gradually explore more challenging areas, which accelerates their learning experience. Learning occurs at a comfortable pace for each student, rather than inflicting the same rate on every student in a classroom.


Independent and Confident Personality

Children attending Montessori settings are given opportunities to make choices about their activities, Freedom of choice is promoted on the understanding that there are also some rules linked with the freedom – such as making sure activities are left ready for another child to use. This type of social focus promotes freedom with responsibility, as well as social awareness and initiative because once children know the routine they are in charge.

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Leadership Qualities

The power of Montessori education to raise up successful students who go on to achieve great things in life is an undeniable fact. Just look at a list of some of today’s most successful business people and artists, and you’ll see many Montessori graduates among them. Larry Page and Sergei Brin (the founders of Google), Grammy-winning musician Taylor Swift, Peter Drucker, and Helen Keller were all Montessori setting students at one time. Imagine if one day, your child’s name is included in that list! As a parent living a successful life of your own, you know the value of a good education isn’t simply about academic success, but about preparation for the ins and outs of life beyond the classroom.


Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving and critical thinking are among the most crucial skills a child can learn. At the Boffo School, we provide children with the foundations for decision making, logical reasoning, categorizing, analytical thinking, negotiation, and creativity. children improve their problem-solving skills by continually having opportunities to independently solve real-life problems that pose just the right level of challenge.


Control of Error

Children will correct their mistakes by themselves. Children learn to be critical of their own work and practice self-correction. They habitually evaluate their individual assignments and pinpoint errors. This is a skill often lost in traditional education models but one our students take with them as they grow older.


A mixed age group

Where the younger children imitate older and older children reinforce leadership skills by sharing their knowledge with the younger children. older children in the class work with the younger ones, so mentoring comes as much from peers as it does from the adult teachers in the classroom.


Child-Centered Learning

Everything in the classroom is within reach of the child. All furniture is sized for children to sit comfortably. All activities in the classroom environment and curriculum are designed around child’s specific needs and abilities that allow them to explore and learn at their own pace and on their own terms.


Teachers act as a guide in the Learning Experience

Teachers in the Montessori setting are “guides” to facilitate the learning experience, rather than dictate what students should do. Teachers take the lead from the children in the classroom, ensure the ground rules are followed, and encourage students to perform tasks at their own pace. However, teachers do not determine the pace of the classroom – that is strictly up to individual students, as teachers strive to remain as unobtrusive as possible.


Curriculum Focused on Hands-On Learning

One of the greatest benefits of the Montessori setting, particularly during the early learning experience, is the focus on hands-on learning. The emphasis is on concrete, rather than abstract learning, as students work on activities that teach language, math, culture, and practical life lessons. Teachers encourage students to concentrate on tasks, and they discourage students from interrupting one another, allowing students to focus on activities until they are properly


Personalized Education

Each student is created in the image of God and therefore has intrinsic value and the differences that make your student special should be celebrated. At Rocky, our goal is to study how your student learns, and then teach them in that way. Teachers explore the benefits of communicating in differing modalities to reach the broadest scope, capturing your student’s potential. We offer opportunities to both advances academically and be supported in areas of academic vulnerability. Your student is fearfully made, and we believe their educational experience can be just as unique.

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