Boffo School is a Best pre-school and a day care facility, a figment of pure passion for kids. It aspires to provide a safe, nurturing and inclusive space for children focusing on Holistic Development with various programs specially designed to cater to the needs of today’s children, keeping them engaged in activities wherein Multiple Intelligence & Play-Way dominated approach is blended with a thematic Curriculum in Best Pre-school in Noida Sector 117. Holistic development of the child, enjoying childhood as it unfolds and being with the child at every step during these delicate years with Pre-school in Noida Sector 117.

Preschool Program educational modules by Boffo Preschool depend on experiential and social learning. Hence, the Toddler class is designed to provide a dynamic range of activities to help stimulate your child’s senses and unleash their innate curiosity through our curriculum for holistic development social, physical, emotional, language, cognitive and creative. 

Smiles all around, loads of fun, relevant engagement, and a lot of exposure are what the Preschool Program at Boffo Preschool is all about. With age-appropriate activities, loving teachers, and smart and trained caretakers our little ones adore the learning programs. Based on various teaching approaches and a focus on self-guided learning, children are encouraged to question, and learn about new things around them.

The Boffo Preschool Program encompasses language literacy, numeracy, environment, music & movement, daily perceptual-motor skills development, physical play, and value education.

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